Staff Communication

Organiser Tab

A clear list of the events you are organising, sorted in date order.

Use the plus button to create any event type for any group in a matter of seconds.

Click on an event to view and organise it.

Lessons, sporting practices and fixtures, music, drama, registration events. SchoolsBuddy can handle any event.

My Diary

Lists all the events you are involved with in date order, whether you are organising or simply attending.

Your diary in your handset, tablet or online.

Message Centre

Use the instant chat, news or notices to let your staff members and colleagues know that vital piece of info.

Fast, clear communication.


Do you want to keep an attendance record for a specific class or activity? Are you worried about health and safety when teaching outside the classroom? Take a register at a lesson whether in a classroom, on the games field or on a trip via your iPhone or iPad (data connection required).

Ensure accurate records, and that you know where your pupils are at all times.

Visitor Enquiries

Handle visitor enquiries with ease. Where is that event? Where is my child? What time does the game start.

All information available when you need it.

School Reception

School reception have access to school wide data across the SchoolsBuddy app and website. Pupil contact details, diaries, medical info, game locations, maps, parents contact details.

School reception is the hub of the school. Via SchoolsBuddy they can access any information in the system.

Pupil Information

What class should a pupil be at? What are their parents names? What medical conditions should you be aware of? What are their parents names and telephone numbers?

All the information you could possibly need – all held in your phone or tablet.