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Lots of schools are introducing SchoolsBuddy activities management software

It’s been a busy time for SchoolsBuddy recently, with lots of schools in the UK and across the world getting on board and implementing our activities management software.

In the past few months, SchoolsBuddy has got involved with all kinds of schools, with lots of enquiries, demos, and the software heading into primaries and secondaries, as well as private schools across the world. Locations of demos and installations include Thailand, Guangzhou, Beijing, Brazil, Singapore, and of course, the UK.

Chesswood Junior SchoolIn addition to all this, we’ve teamed up with a school local to us in Worthing, Chesswood, who have seen the value in our solution to parent communication, fee management, organisation of sports fixtures and school trips, and allocating pupils to afterschool activities. SchoolsBuddy just plugs straight into their MIS, so the transition is smooth and easy to implement. They’ve found it an answer to many of their complex and time consuming tasks, and can now save hours of work with just a few clicks! Previously, their payments and parent communication were managed via two different providers, but SchoolsBuddy allows them to combine these functions, plus much more, and payments have already started coming in!

The benefits of our revolutionary software is continuing to benefit staff, parents and pupils, and we’re proud to see SchoolsBuddy making things easier for school leaders across the UK, and the world!


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