SchoolsBuddy Savings: How Our Software Makes Financial Sense For Primary Schools

SchoolsBuddy saves money (as well as time) in several key areas of school admin

Schools are constantly looking for ways to save money, and our clever software creates several ways in which primary schools in particular can conserve their budget.

Savings on Systems
Paying out for separate systems to manage the day to day running of a school can be a drain on funds. One for parent communication, one for after school club management, one for payments from parents, etc. When you pay for SchoolsBuddy, you get all of these facilities within one web and mobile solution, which not only saves money, but saves time too, because each area of SchoolsBuddy talks to the others.

Savings on Communicationplaceit-8
One of the areas mentioned above is parent communication, and many of the schools we work with have been battling with text messaging software prior to the introduction of SchoolsBuddy. Whilst a popular choice thus far in parent communication for schools, it usually works out very costly (approximately 4p a message really adds up), and is something that has to be manually generated by a member of staff.

While SMS is still useful for emergencies, SchoolsBuddy’s push notifications do the same job but for free! Push notifications pop up directly on smartphones, and can be automatically generated by tasks performed within the software. For example, when after school clubs are chosen, a notification will pop up on a parent’s phone that their child has been allocated in their activities, and therefore payment is required. This is an automatic process that would otherwise be prompted by text message, or even a letter. This leads us onto…

Savings on Paper (and the environment)
Letters are still used a great deal within some primary schools, but this comes at a great cost not only to budgets, but also to time, and to the environment. The sheer volume of paper it takes to print letters say, for information and consent for a school trip, is eliminated when consent is requested electronically from parents via SchoolsBuddy. Not to mention reminders for payment – that’s all done through SchoolsBuddy too! No more letters forgotten in the bottom of school bags either. Printed newsletters can be replaced with news bulletins sent to mobile phones in real time, visible only to the groups that need to know.

In terms of environmental benefits, the reduction of paper usage is obvious, and for schools aiming for eco-school awards, this is one way that you can help your eco committee reach their goals.

The cost savings that SchoolsBuddy can achieve for your school are just one of the advantages of our revolutionary software. Discover how it can also transform safeguarding, organisation, and after school club admin on the rest of our

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