Now an iSAMS Enterprise Partner

We are proud to be announced as one of the initial official Enterprise Partners on the iSAMS Marketplace.  Selected by iSAMS as a best in breed solution for Extra Curricular Activities we are thrilled that in such as short space of time our product is being recognised!

The bulletin from iSAMS….

Introducing The New iSAMS Marketplace

We are excited to announce that the iSAMS Marketplace is now live.

In recent months we have been working hard towards building a public Marketplace and Partnership Scheme to complement the products and services that we currently offer our schools.

As more schools look for “best of breed” software solutions to ensure the successful running of their school, we want to be at the forefront of being able to support these demands by offering a seamless two-way integration between iSAMS and third-party apps and systems. We see it as an opportunity to connect forward-thinking schools with specialist software providers.

Benefits Of The Marketplace

Finding the right plug-ins can transform the running of your school. The Marketplace provides you with the tools to integrate disparate systems and streamline processes helping you to create a complete school system. Importantly, it also provides you with peace of mind, as you can be sure that all plug-ins are safe and approved for complete compatibility with your iSAMS system.

Partner case studies provide a valuable insight into how the integration will work and how your school can benefit from a more joined up approach. You can also explore our fast-growing network of developers and integrators, all with indexed plug-ins, ready to go.

A Note From Our Partner Manager

Felice Plava took up the role of Partner Manager six months ago, having previously been Head of Development, and is excited to see the Marketplace launch this week, “It’s been a busy six months getting the Marketplace and Partnership Scheme launched and I’m personally very excited that we are now able to share this with our client schools and approved Partners”.

“I am delighted that such leading and global brands are choosing to partner with us. I’m also excited about the opportunities the Marketplace offers schools, in regards to enhancing their systems, saving resource and streamlining processes”.

“Having spent considerable time speaking with schools and software specialists in my time at iSAMS, I feel confident that this is a welcome step forward for us as a company in ensuring we are providing schools what they need”.

“And we’re not stopping there. The Marketplace team has already started to develop a real-time read and write API – something I am regularly asked about. Working collaboratively with our approved Partners to deliver this, we are also exploring other API enhancements to provide cutting-edge integration solutions. I look forward to bringing you further news about this soon.”

Keep Up-To-Date

In line with the launch of the Marketplace, we have also recently launched our iSAMS Blog. This aims to keep you up-to-date with everything that’s happening at iSAMS, including all of our latest Partner news. Keep an eye out for new Partner announcements and information on how new plug-ins could benefit your school

Take A Look

Visit the Marketplace to see which plug-ins are already available for integration with your iSAMS system Please note that the Marketplace is now our official list of approved and supported integrations. We are working to bring many more Partners on-board and these will be announced on sign-up.

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