Safeguard with SchoolsBuddy

Improve safeguarding with mobile registers and instant push notifications for absentees

Mobile registers

Take registers anywhere using a tablet or mobile. An event with no signal? No problem. Save your registers offline until you have a signal.

Absentee Alerts

Absentee alerts are pushed and emailed to the relevant people (i.e management team, school office) as soon as a register is ‘posted’ to the server, normally within seconds.

Know who to expect

Your expected list of pupils is based upon who has been notified or selected. You can add additional people ‘on the fly’ while at the event too.

Pupil diary

If a pupil does not arrive at an event, check their diary instantly and check to see if they are registered at another event.

Medical data and I.C.E. in your pocket

Accidents happen, so it’s good to be informed. Do you need to contact parents quickly in an emergency or to check a pupils medical conditions? All information is easily accessible from within the SchoolsBuddy mobile apps.

Travel Alerts

Held up in traffic? Train or plane running late? Are parents waiting for you? Let them know your travel update instantly and avoid angry and worried relatives when you arrive!

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Safeguard your pupils after regular school hours

Know who is coming to events. Pre-populated event registers make life easier for teachers & staff
Truly mobile registers with native iOS apps to ensure usability and quick access to data without the need to search through events
Push notifications and emails sent immediately upon the ‘posting’ of a new register ensures any pupils that have not arrived can be identified early and investigated
Mobile registers enhance pupil safety – a key element of any Ofsted inspection.
Instant access to key data on the move

  • Pupil contact info
  • ICE (Emergency contact info)
  • Pupil medical info
  • Parent contact data
  • Event locations and maps

Responsive Design

SchoolsBuddy is responsive, our web version also works on Android tablets, Windows phone or any device with a mobile browser

Integration with MIS

SchoolsBuddy keeps administration of the system to a minimum through integration with the leading MIS solutions

Flexible usage options

SchoolsBuddy is packed with features – use us as much as you want to!

5* support

Online support, quick start guides, as well as email and even telephone support!

Lines of Code

Years of development

Seconds to notify the school office
in the event of an absence

Acheive a top Ofsted rating for ‘Behaviour and Safety’