Is that after school club worth persevering with? How many students attend fund raisers? Who has played the most games? Who scored the most goals?

At the end of each event you can record who attended and any relevant performance statistics. Attendance, goals, assists, runs, wickets, catches and more – determined by each sport.

Clear performance tracking by group, club or individual.

Player Ratings

Track performances after each event and build a clear picture of performance across a season. No need to guess how players have performed at the end of term. Player ratings are hidden from general view to avoid controversy.

End of season awards become straightforward and based on factual data.

Pupil Activity View / Not just sport

SchoolsBuddy is not just for sports. The system can track any group, any club and any event including: CCF, after school clubs, music, dance, theatre, trips and fund raisers.

Consistent and accurate record keeping and event organisation across the school.

End of Season Reports

Use the ‘in-app’ stats and match reports to record an end of term report for all pupils and publish to the individuals profile. Reports for sports teams, clubs, forms and houses can all be recorded in app and published as well as copied to other management systems.

Use accurate, clearly collated and presented information to write end of term reports and save time.