Pupil Communication

My Diary

Personalised diary showing all upcoming events that the pupil is involved with.

No excuses for missed lessons or practices.

Event Invite

If an availability request is selected at the time of creation then the pupil will receive this invite where they can accept, reject or maybe an event. With the additional option of adding an availability not.

Ideal during exam terms for pupils to provide immediate availability updates

Instant Messaging/Group Chat

Do you have a message that you need to get to your team members? Do you need to remind someone to pick up the kit? Do you need to make a last minute change to arrangements?

With team and event chat, you can talk tactics, organise kit, send reminders or any message at all! Relax in the knowledge that all chat conversations involve the team or event organiser and all comments are attributed individually.

Clear, instant communication with adult supervision.

Get Rid of Noticeboards

Paper notices can be untidy, unsightly as well as a waste of paper and printer ink. Save time, money and the environment as all team sheets and event information can be published electronically.

No need for paper notices/notice boards. Reduce printing costs. (We can support digital noticeboards)

Event Cancellation

When an event needs cancelling, especially at the last minute, it’s important to know that everyone associated with that event has been informed. Cancel any event and notify all members with one tap or click.

Simple, clear and fast. Sends a notice to all interested parties in an instant.

Live Scores

A real advance into the 21st century. There is no need to wait until after the game to publish a result. Use the clever event chat feature live on the sideline and update all school/team members and parents live, in play, in real time!

Embrace technology. Live, real time data – accessible to those that matter. Driven by teacher, parent or pupil.