Built In

SubsBuddy has a completely optional but powerful fees system built-in. The great benefit of the system is that parents can view the balance of their child immediately using the app or web but also clear that balance with an electronic payment.

Ideal for Micropayments

Adding small payments to an internal management system is a labour intensive task. If your teachers and staff could add these while in the field this could save time and money.

An example of this could be a music teacher having to add the cost of a music sheet to the pupils account. With SubsBuddy Schools this lesson would already be recorded so it is simply a case of adding a fee to the lesson.

Another example could be a school trip to watch a sporting event.

Detailed Unique Engine

The system is detailed and unique. Fees are added per event immediately after the event has finished. You know exactly who attended so fees are only applied to those pupils. The fees feature allows discounting based upon a number of customisable rules.