Parent Communication

Communicate Directly

Now there is no need to rely on pupils to communicate with their parents.

Parents will always know what their children are doing, the games they are playing and which events they are going to come and support.

Linked Accounts – Pupil driven (Seniors)

Send availability requests direct to the pupil. Allow your senior pupils to be responsible and confirm their own availability and attendance. The parent simply receives a notification that their son or daughter has been invited and chosen for an event. Form tutors, house staff and heads of sport are all kept informed.

Parents are automatically updated with what their children are doing, when and where.

Linked Accounts – Parent driven (Infant, Junior, Prep)

Send availability requests to the parent. Allow the parent to let you know about any availability issues, and provide you with an explanation. Pupils receive a notification about their attendance.

Form tutors, house staff and heads of sport are all kept informed – in fact anyone who needs access.

Communicate directly with all parents. Avoid confusion and misinformation.

Live Scores & Match Information

Any organiser, member of staff, pupil or parent can update the live feed – with the organisers permission of course.

Build team spirit among pupils and parents and add excitement to every fixture.

Pick up times

Did the game finish early? Are you in traffic on the way home? Avoid waiting around for parents or pupils. Send live messages to all parties and let them know if the pick up time or location has changed.

Totally efficient, clear and instant communication with all pupils, parents and staff.