Our Journey

The SchoolsBuddy Journey

October 2012

SchoolsBuddy is the sister product to SubsBuddy. SubsBuddy is a sports team management tool which makes the organisation of recreational sports easier.

The idea for SubsBuddy came about in October 2012 when our co-founders David Higginson and Gary Hector were on a golf trip. David was organising his local cricket team and Gary had organised the golf trip. Both were frustrated at the process and felt there must be a ‘better way’.

The key foundation of SubsBuddy is a truly mobile platform to organise recreational sports teams that completely eliminates the need for a pen and paper and the physical collection of money via dedicated ‘apps’.

As the idea developed we quickly realised there were possibilities for the product to be useful in other scenarios – most notably in schools.

January 2014

Exploratory meeting with the director of sport at a leading public school about whether SubsBuddy would have transferable utility in schools. The answer was a resounding yes!!

SchoolsBuddy ‘school specific’ product design begins including further consultation with additional schools throughout 2014.

February 2015

Coding of iOS version of v1 version of SubsBuddy complete. Conversion to SchoolsBuddy begins.

July 2015

First contracts signed with schools ready for install and launch in September.

September 2015

SchoolsBuddy launched via iOS and Web. First installs of the system in UK schools.

Attend a British international schools conference in Malaysia immediately and generate widespread interest.