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Sports teams, CCA’s, school trips, regular timetabled events, one off events…

Find out about our ECA Signup and Allocation Module (After School Club Signup)

ECA's now with Signup

Easily handle 100’s of extra curricular activity groups. Allow parent / pupil preference or first come first served based Signup, Create events, notify pupils and allocate organisers (staff). The event populates in relevant users their diaries.

Sports Teams

Request availability from pupils or simply select them as well as notifying colleagues. Record attendance and report results, statistics and match reports all on the move.

Mobile registers

All groups and events can use the mobile registers feature. Alert the relevant people immediately when a pupil has not arrived for their event.

Lessons & Timetabled Events

You can organise anything via SchoolsBuddy. If you include your regular timetabled events too, your pupils can see their complete diary in their app.

School Trips

Need to request availability and confirm interest? Want to give out detailed trip notices, communicate with parents and take registers throughout? We include a ‘school trip’ event type too.


SchoolsBuddy has an event based fee allocation facility built in. When a pupil attends an event, you can allocate a cost to their balance which is visible to the pupil and their parents. This balance can be cleared directly to a school PayPal account.

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Designed around being Mobile.

Send invites to events or auto populate pupils diaries
Select team or members from available pupils (optional)
Manage single or recurring events (set up a terms events in a few clicks)
Select and publish your line-up
Set up events for other members of staff
Confirm attendance at events and notify the relevant staff members if someone fails to attend
Record results, statistics and publish match / event reports
Handle absent staff by re-allocating the event to another staff member

Responsive Design

SchoolsBuddy is responsive, our web version also works on Android tablets, Windows phone or any device with a mobile browser

Integration with MIS

SchoolsBuddy keeps administration of the system to a minimum through integration with the leading MIS solutions

Flexible usage options

SchoolsBuddy is packed with features – use us as much as you want to!

5* support

Online support, quick start guides as well as email and even telephone support!

Lines of Code

Years of development

Ways to notify pupils

Seconds to handle a staff absence