Interesting UK School Trips

A collection of some of the most interesting destinations for pupils across the UK

School trips have always been an important part of the curriculum in all types of schools. They’re an opportunity for pupils to see their studies come to life, and really get a feel for the subject they’re producing work for. We’ve put together a list of some of the most interesting school trips across the UK, gaurenteed to engage young minds everywhere.

1. AirHop Trampoline Park – Bristol

Known as the biggest trampoline park in the world, the AirHop centre in Bristol is a massive indoor arena, filled wall to wall with trampolines, with a smaller park in Guildford. They offer school packages that cater for up to 250 pupils, and provide kids with a fun, active and engaging outing. Trampoling outside of back gardens is a relatively new activity to UK kids, and AirHop can introduce them to the basics, as well as games that can be played on the trampoline. Experienced and friendly staff are on hand to make sure the day stays safe and secure, and the park provides all relvant safety gear.

2. Souths Downs Planetarium – Chichester, West Sussex

There’s nothing that widens a child’s eyes more than space, which is why a visit to a planetarium is always a school trip winner. The Souths Downs Planetarium provides a facility that lets children of all ages learn about space and science through colourful displays, demonstrations and presentations in the main auditorium. The centre is run by volunteers and enthusiasts who are enthusiastic and passionate about what they do, which is picked up by every student that visits. The planetarium brings the night sky to pupils, and provides them with a true ‘out of the classroom’, enabling them to return to school inspired and excited about science.


Dinosaur Isle, Sandown, IoW
Photo by jpennycook on flickr

3. Dinosaur Isle – Sandown, Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is the most important site in Europe for dinosaur fossils, and Dinosaur Isle is an interactive museum in which important geological finds from the island can be housed. Displays use clever lighting, artwork, sound, smells and technology to create an exciting experience for children, and the museum even offers a field trip experience, where school parties get to visit surrounding coastal areas in search of fossils. The centre is perfect for younger children with a fascination for dinosaurs, and for older groups, such as an in-depth look at rocks and soils for those taking GCSE or A-Level Biology.


The Snow Centre, Hemel Hemsted
Photo by timo_w2s on flickr

4. The Snow Centre – Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

The Snow Centre hosts a range of skiing and snowboarding sessions for both adults and children of all abilities, and can tailor the package to the age and level of your school party. With the biggest teaching slope in the UK, The Snow Centre offers top quality instruction, and can help develop co-ordination and fitness disciplines, even if it’s just for the day. The centre demonstrates an alternative activity which may just inspire children who don’t find the usual active pursuits appealing. They use real snow made in snow cannons too!

5. BFI IMAX Cinema – Greater London

The BFI IMAX Cinema is the biggest screen in Britain, and provides an immersive experience for school parties – you get to pick what’s on too! The programming allows schools to choose documentaries and films that relate to the topic they’re studying, from KS1 to KS4 and can be a fantastic way to enthuse pupils about watching educational films, as they’re going to a proper cinema to see it. They cater for groups as small as 10, to a whopping 500 pupils, and still show the usual blockbusters, in case you’re looking for a purely fun school outing.


The Eden Project, Cornwall
Photo by airwolfhound on flickr

 6. The Eden Project – Bodelva, Cornwall

The Eden Project prides itself on being a learning charity, and run a whole host of curriculum linked workshops for all ages. From learning about the rainforest to eco-tourism and sustainability, the site covers a whole range of topics to enrich pupil’s studies. There are workshops on food, business, the environment, and even a business session, which focus’ on running the project itself. Not to mention that the site itself is beautiful, and will have pupils in awe before they even step off the coach!

7. Magna Science Adventure Centre – Rotherham, Yorkshire

The Magna Science Adventure Centre is an educational attraction that focus’ on the four natural resources – air, earth, fire and water. Housed in an original steelworks, the interactive exhibits include Magna’s Big Melt Show, which is one of Templeborough’s original arc furnaces brought back to life through pyrotechnics, audio and smoke. This combines an interest in both science and history, making it a perfect place to head to for both subjects. The building itself will amaze pupils too!

8. Jaguar & Land Rover – Solihull, West Midlands

Jaguar & Land Rover run Education Business Partnership Centres within their manufacturing plants in the Midlands, and each have a dedicated learning centre in which they provide bespoke, innovative, curriculum based sessions in a real business environment. Students can develop their knowledge and understanding of the world of work, as well as seeing how a real factory works. The package can be tailored to any age, and pupils can see a car being manufactured from a sheet of metal right through to the finished product, which many will find truly amazing.

9. Rock UK Whithaugh Park Centre – Newcastleton, Scotland

Rock UK Whithaugh Park Centre provides the perfect location for residential and day trips, focusing on outdoor learning in 110 acres land. Activities include abseiling, bush craft, orienteering, night hikes, raft building, and many more. The centre discusses the needs of the pupils with teachers first, so they can really tailor the package to each group, and provide ways to inspire children in a range of subjects such as geography, sustainable development and environmental sciences, and get them the outside and active.


Doctor Who Experience, Cardiff
Photo by Ed Webster on flickr

10. The Doctor Who Experience – Cardiff, Wales

Being the longest running science-fiction programme in history, Doctor Who appeals to children of all ages and backgrounds. The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff provides an immersive experience in which pupils can explore the many aspects of the show, including the storylines, set, props, and costumes – they can even learn to walk like a Cyberman! The facility provides cross curricular education toolkits, which provide exciting opportunities for pupil’s to learn through activities and videos to suit your pupils needs – which means the trip is educational, a lot of fun, and something they’ll remember for years to come!

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