ECA signup and management module

Now with One Click Auto Allocation

From signup to registers – complete end to end management of CCA’s / After School Clubs

We can allocate your whole school termly CCA / ECA's in under 30 seconds and with a single click of the mouse.

Complete with preference handling, over subscription options, quick select per pupil and more…

Watch the video to see for yourself

Max time to allocate (seconds)
Max no. of daily preferences
Auto allocated activities per day (per pupil)

Clear Simple Interface

Utilising the easy to use SchoolsBuddy interface. Interactions are logical, modern and clear. Easy to use and logically designed to save time.

Super Fast One Click Allocation

Single click auto allocation. With clever oversubscription options such as random or first come first served. Designed in collaboration with CCA Co-Ordinators. Helping you allocate quickly; preference based management has never been so easy.

Mobile registers

Events are generated in SchoolsBuddy for each weekly activity and registers can be taken on the move using the SchoolsBuddy mobile app with instant absentee notifications for pupil safeguarding.

Preference Based System

v1.0 is a daily preference system with weekly preferences and first come first served coming soon.

Automatic Notifications

Automatic email and push notifications are sent to pupils / parents when the signup is available for preview and also a friendly reminder at a set date to help you get all the responses you need.

Pupil & Parent Selections

Both parents and pupils can modify selections but only one or the other can confirm the choices. Upon confirmation terms & conditions can be displayed and agreed to.

Event Creation with Blocked Dates

Before event creation takes place you can block out dates for half terms, inset days and staff absentees so that you create only the events that are going to happen. Events are then generated and appear in the pupil / parent SchoolsBuddy diary for each week of a term or signup period.

Integrates to SchoolsBuddy

The CCA Signup and Management Module is fully integrated with SchoolsBuddy. The module generates groups within SchoolsBuddy and those groups appear in the pupil / parent group list and events within their diary. All chat, notices, registers and cancellations can all take place on an event by event basis.


Attendance reports, signup reports as well as views during the allocation phase all enables simpler and clearer management of CCA / After School Clubs.

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Attention all Extra Curricular Activity Co-Ordinators

Features that will simply amaze

Speedy creation of groups – including ‘copy last terms’
Block out dates for half term and inset days
Personalised – pupils can only select from groups available to them according to their year and/or gender
Automatically notify all of your parents / pupils that the signup is open
Auto-allocate groups that are not over subscribed and save yourself hours of time
During allocation – filter by pupils with just one preference
During allocation – filter to hide pupils already allocated an activity for that day
Create events in one click and the events auto notify all the pupils (& parents if required) about these events – and populate their SchoolsBuddy diary
Allow staff to manage their own events and take registers on a mobile app
Fully integrates with SchoolsBuddy – CCA activity groups display automatically in a pupils / parents view like any sports team or class
Full reporting of attendance

I can’t get over how ‘spot-on’ this is!
The One Click auto allocation is mind blowing. 2 days allocations now takes under 30 seconds!

Andrew Winstone,
Manager – CCA, Sports and Facility Rentals, Garden International School, KL

Responsive Design

SchoolsBuddy is responsive – our web version also works on Android tablets, windows phone or any device with a mobile browser

Integration with MIS

SchoolsBuddy keeps admin of the system to a minimum through integration with the leading MIS

Flexible usage options

SchooslBuddy is packed with features but you don’t have to use them all!

5* support

Online support, quick start guides as well as email and even telephone support!

Lines of Code

Years of development

Ways to notify pupils

Seconds to handle a staff absence