Current After School Club Trends: Technology

As we continue to look at current after school club trends, today we turn our attention to the world of technology.  Times are changing, and as pupils become more engaged with the modern world around them, it’s no surprise that after school clubs need to keep up in order to hold their interest.

1. Photography In The Wild


Photo by thebriscoes on flickr

Creativity is cool, and as platforms such as Instagram become more popular, so too does photography. Taking pictures is part of everyday life now, so providing a dedicated time and space in which to develop pupils photography skills allows their creativity to blossom, and could set them up with an interest that they’ll love for life. Take it beyond the classroom to the outdoors – encouraging children to photograph nature will improve their skills, as well as inspiring an appreciation for the natural world around them.

2. Become a 5* App Developer

Perhaps more suited to older pupils, app development is very current, and certainly strikes a chord with us! Platforms such as Appshed make it easy to introduce app development to a younger audience, as well as keeping their technological exploration safe and secure. It will change the way they think about their smartphones and tablets too.

3. Mac Skills

There’s no denying that Apple has revolutionised technology, and use of Mac’s in schools brings a new world of software that kids can get involved in. A Mac after school club can introduce pupils to the basics of Mac OSX, as well as programs like Garageband, Logik Studio and iMovie. Perhaps introduce a new skill or piece of software each week to familiarize pupils with a little bit of everything that Mac’s can do.

rainerstropek on flickr

Photo by rainerstropek on flickr

 4. Learn to code with Minecraft

The online world is built around code, and what better way to introduce kids to the bread and butter of the internet than with Minecraft? The creative building game has proved a hit with all ages, and is a great way to show kids what coding can do in a safe and secure online environment. Not to mention there’s endless fun to be had!

 5. Mini Film Makers

Introduce children to film making by allowing them to write, shoot and edit short films themselves. This will get their creative juices flowing, and also introduce them to the skills needed to use cameras and editing software effectively. Perfect for all ages, pupils could film news items, interviews, or short dramas.

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