Current After School Club Trends – Music

In the final instalment of our series, we look at the ways in which music is used in after school clubs today. Music is a powerful form of expression, and these endless possibilites make it a popular choice for children and teachers alike.

1. Song Factor

Photo by silentmountainofsnow on flickr

Photo by silentmountainofsnow on flickr

Combine an exploration of music and words in a song writing club designed for kids. Singer song writers such as Adele and Sam Smith are topping the charts, and children will be excited to take their lead and pen their own lyrics. An X Factor style competition may be a good way to encourage a performance element to the club each term.

2. Chart Drumming

Children LOVE to make noise, and a drum club can be a fantastic way to channel that into something creative. Through familiarising themselves with the drums themselves, kids will also learn the basics of rhythm and teamwork whilst building their confidence and concentration. Using popular tunes will bring the club bang up to date.

3. Edit, Mix & Loop

Garage Band is by far the best music technology software available to kids today, and an after school club dedicated to it will inspire creative minds. Tracks can be created with or without an instrument, and the use of Mac’s will put them in touch with technology too.

4. Schools Idol

Karaoke clubs are perfect for pupils who love to perform, and are a great way to improve reading skills, confidence, and introduce them to different kinds of music. Using the songs of solo artists, duo’s and groups will teach kids the importance of teamwork and harmonies, as well as encourage them to be brave and perform alone.

100004356@N06 on flickr

Photo by 100004356@N06 on flickr

 5. Rock Choir

Mix up the traditional school choir by getting pupils together to sing chart tunes. This modern twist will encourage a greater number of kids to exercise their vocal chords, and pupils who play instruments could also take part to provide the music!

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