Current After School Club Trends – Active Pursuits

As times change and pupils become more engaged with the modern world around them, it’s no surprise that after school clubs need to keep up in order to hold their interest. Whilst traditional sports are still popular as extra curricular options, here are some of the alternative energy-burning activities that are causing a stir at the end of the school day.

1. Get Up & Dance

Shows like Britain’s Got Talent have bought street dance troupes to the forefront, and it’s by far the most popular choice of dance among young people. Introducing street dance to your after school club calendar will provide a fun way to get kids to work together, whilst building stamina, strength, fitness and coordination.

2. Speed Orienteering

Orienteering has always been a great physical and mental activity for all ages, and kids can enjoy it too. Like an advanced treasure hunt, the aim of the game is to navigate, in sequence, to different control points that are located on a special course, using a specially-drawn map. To ramp up the fun, make it into a race against the clock! Keep it on the school grounds for a fun but controlled activity.

Photo by 133594508@N07 on flickr

Photo by 133594508@N07 on flickr

3. Climbing Club

Providing you’ve got the space for a dedicated wall, a climbing club can be a fantastic active alternative to traditional sports. This is a controlled way to let adventurous pupils explore their capabilities, and set them up with skills and disciplines that they could take to a higher level!

4. Goaltimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee has swept the world and gained popularity due to its non-contact competitiveness, coupled with the fun of throwing the frisbee itself. Shake it up slightly for an after school club by awarding points through goal scoring through a hoop, commonly known as Goaltimate Frisbee.

5. Beautiful Ballet

Photo by ncvophotos on flickr

Photo by ncvophotos on flickr

The Billy Elliot effect means that the graceful art form of ballet dancing is now popular amongst both girls and boys, making it the perfect candidate for a more cool and unusual after school club. Children of all ages can enjoy an introduction to the disciplines of ballet, including strength, agility, concentration, and a love of movement. Tutu’s not always necessary!

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