Brand new club organiser software to transform the way you run and organise your club

The team that created SchoolsBuddy, a software solution being used in schools across the World, praised for its common sense and user friendliness for staff and parents have made a natural progression from schools to the after school clubs that we became familiar with along the way.  Where SchoolsBuddy solves so many school administration problems, particularly in primaries, ClubsBuddy has been specially adapted to help club organisers of after school clubs, holiday clubs, breakfast clubs, sports clubs, drama clubs, the list goes on. With custom form entries, ClubsBuddy is designed as a club organiser software to make your admin processes a whole lot easier, transforming your working day, streamlining, cutting costs and improving the relationship with your members and their parents.

What does ClubsBuddy Do?

  • Activity Bookings – manage the sign up process and allocates fees
  • Registers – automatic registers created from groups and available to take while on a mobile device
  • Event & Group Management – communicate events, notices, invites and much more direct to the members (and/or parents) involved
  • Diary – Each member will have a diary generated by the events, sessions or activities they are involved in
  • Communication – messages and notices can be sent to all your members or just groups, classes, ages (or other group determined by you)
  • Payments – fees and subscriptions can be added to member accounts and fees taken directly.  Late payments can also be chased without hassle
  • Mobile App – a dedicated mobile app will be available to your members (and/or parents) to see their communications and diary.  An organisers app will enable administration and registers on the move
  • Desktop access – all functions can also be accessed via the desktop website
  • Custom registration fields – we can adapt our system to be perfect for your club, to record information that is individual to your needs


One of the reasons ClubsBuddy works so well as club organiser software is because it removes the need for endless spreadsheets, lists and bits of paper. Aside from the obvious time saving you no longer have to juggle multiple file locations for parent communications, fee payments, and registers. It’s not only time consuming to switch between different programmes to complete tasks, but it’s also inefficient and can result in missed payments and revenue.

With ClubsBuddy, all the above mentioned tasks can be done in one place, with extra helpful features that are included along the way. Parent communication can be conducted through push notifications as opposed to expensive text messaging, fee payments can be made in just a few easy clicks straight after consenting to a trip or club, and days of sifting through registration spreadsheets is saved in just a few seconds of automatic sign up!  

Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets

When dealing with a large amount of data spreadsheets can be understandably daunting to tackle, not to mention very time consuming. This is an area of admin that SchoolsBuddy can help with massively

The clear interface lets parents select the activities, clubs or courses their child would like to (and are eligible to) take part in. Children can then be allocated to their chosen activity within seconds, with all of their information safely recorded. ClubsBuddy then automatically populates the diaries of all involved, and notifies them too. It even creates the registers for the clubs, allocates fees and takes payment.

In an environment that makes many demands on time and money, ClubsBuddy can be a huge relief for club organisers who are looking for ways to streamline their processes and conserve budget as much as possible. All this is done without compromise on efficiency. In fact, our testimonials are proof of the time and cost savings seen already by the schools and clubs using our software nationally, and internationally.

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