New feature – Extra Curricular Activities Signup and Allocation

SchoolsBuddy launch brand new Extra Curricular Activities / After School Club Signup and Allocation feature When we launched SchoolsBuddy, we knew we didn’t want to stop at the features we started with. Once we perfected the organisational, communication and safeguarding elements of the software, we continued working on the interactive side. Our goal was to create a way that pupils and

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Safeguarding Best Practice in Schools

We explore some of the key elements of safeguarding best practice in schools, and how SchoolsBuddy can help Essentially, safeguarding in schools looks to guarantee and promote the safety of children. There are many examples of safeguarding best practice in schools, all of which aim to protect children from maltreatment, protect their health and development, and ensure safe and effective care.

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Making Parent Communication Digital

It’s not just pupils that are up to date with technology. Parents and teachers are hot on their heels, and we’re exploring just how technology has changed the way the two communicate. As little as 15 years ago, communication between teachers and parents relied on the child, letters, phone calls or meetings. These methods, although still around today, can be

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