Availability, Selection & Registers

Event Creation

Create any event type for any group in a matter of seconds – including timetabled, regular and one off events.

Lessons, sporting practices and fixtures, music, drama, registration events. SchoolsBuddy can handle any event. The more you use it, the more you get out of it.

Availability Requests

Send invites to fixtures and other formal events. During exam times and events outside of normal school hours, often there are reasons why pupils may not be able to attend an event and availability needs to be checked. Pupils receive the invite and respond with one click.

In the changing room after the game……Walking to assembly in the morning? Request or record pupil availability event by event, lesson by lesson, practice by practice as required and in real time.

Customisable according to preferences – notify or invite as required.

Team Selection

Confirm your team selection within the SchoolsBuddy app and publish immediately. The team selection feature allows you to publish a squad list, or confirm your starting line up and substitutes.

All team sheets and event information published electronically are sent in app and via e-mail to all pupils and parents.

No need for paper notices any more – clear, instant communication.


Do you want to keep an attendance record for a specific class or activity? Are you worried about health and safety when teaching outside the classroom?

Take a register at a lesson whether in a classroom, on the games field or on a trip via your iPhone or iPad (data connection required).

Ensure accurate records, and that you know where your pupils are at all times.