New feature – Extra Curricular Activities Signup and Allocation

SchoolsBuddy launch brand new Extra Curricular Activities / After School Club Signup and Allocation feature

When we launched SchoolsBuddy, we knew we didn’t want to stop at the features we started with. Once we perfected the organisational, communication and safeguarding elements of the software, we continued working on the interactive side. Our goal was to create a way that pupils and parents could sign up to extra curricular activities  (after school clubs) within SchoolsBuddy, making life easier for everyone.

After School Club / Extra Curricular Activities Parent Signup

The SchoolsBuddy signup feature allows parents and pupils to review all the options for extra curricular activities set by staff. They can then choose which ones they prefer, with individual daily preferences and if multiple pupils in the school this shows both pupils and just the groups each are eligible to attend.


Fair and speedy allocation

Once the choices have been made by the pupils or parents this is where the system comes into its own. Allocating extra curricular activities for thousands of pupils fairly and ensuring no two groups are allocated for the same day time slot can be a time consuming process but not with SchoolsBuddy. Fast allocation allows for one click allocation of all groups using the preferences to fairly allocate pupils to their highest ranked preference where possible and if there over subscription of an activity then the organiser can set how they want to allocate that group based upon random, first come first served or manually.

Easy group and pupil overview screens ensure pupils that have been ‘unlucky’ or have not selected many choices can be manually adjusted as required, quickly and easily.

Full reporting of attendance data, together with fees ensure the system offers an end to end solution.

Obviously we forget to mention that these groups and events automatically generated from this system populate the core SchoolsBuddy system allowing for mobile registers, event update / cancellations and any news or notices direct to the handsets and mailboxes of the relevant parents and pupils.

We’re constantly looking at ways to improve our software, and we’re very proud of this brand new feature.

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